The A D.R.E.E.A.M. Foundation along with the Urban Youth Development has established various youth basketball programs around the United States, since 2012. The purpose of these programs is to provide the key fundamental elements of the game of basketball coupled with essential life skills development for all At Risk and Under Served Youth.  This program will provide a safe structured learning environment for at-risk youth, by educating each participant through camps, mentoring, and educational training sessions.


The A.D.R.E.E.A.M. Foundation's main focus is community involvement and providing positive role models to these youth. We want to give back to the multicultural At Risk Youth communities by providing free sports, speed and agility camps; while providing a mentorship program that teaches students athlete’s leadership skills, principles of academic and athletic success, by showing how this translates to success in life.


Camp or training sessions will be taught by current or post retirement professional athletes, college coaches, and other professionals with various backgrounds in education, health, and nutrition. Our goal is to improve each student athlete’s overall skill set and most importantly develop confidence through competition, leadership, and educational prowess to help improve a student’s overall self-esteem.


Kansas City MO, USA

Isabela PR, USA



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